The Power Of Whey Protein For Health


Whey protein is not a new food to our homes. Every home has at least a small tin of protein powder lying in the corner of the kitchen cabinet, that you may or may not have used full. Have you ever thought why protein powders are essential to our body? The Protein Drink Reviews of bodybuilders and athletes suggests that a protein drink makes the workout sessions intense and beneficial.

However, there are a lot of gym-goers who complain of not finding any results even though they stick to regular workouts, vegetables, fruits and a proper diet. For them, Whey, can play a major role in giving fast and better results on a daily basis. Visit to know these kind of interesting studies on health and food aspects.

Do you show red flags to your caloric intake with the hope of shedding some pounds? There is a surprising result from the USA, that when participants given with a whey protein mix for 12 weeks, shed 500 calories than with that of subjects given with another caloric beverage. So, try a whey protein bar if you crave too much of some snacks. The above study also suggested that, Whey protein improved the muscle tone as well. What about the size and strength of your muscles though you hit the gym too hard? Resistance training, according to the researchers at the University of Texas, suggests that, whey protein increased muscle strength and added bulk to the body.

Whey protein could reduce appetite, according to the Australian researchers. So, next time when you feel hungry, do not go for those party snacks, but make a protein shake from a store bought powder. Whey protein is found to be the fastest protein supplements. Compared to other protein powders, this absorbs quickly in the body. Moreover, unlike the usual diet, whey protein has great influence on body build up without adding extra fat layers to the body. The main attraction lies with this is the characteristic feature of the whey for the management of weight loss.

Being the derivative of the milk protein, this has numerous benefits than the body building regime. It is not an exaggeration that, whey protein effectively reduces the incidence of cancer which is a major research subject under investigation. They are potential immune boosters raising the level of Glutathione antioxidant produced within the body. Strangely, with a direct effect on lymphocytes, they enhance the immune system creating barriers from infections. Hence, whey protein has dual action; Anti-aging and Immune modulation!

Athletes are susceptible to Overstain Syndrome with regular practice. Whey protein tends to decrease the incidence of muscle atrophy and tearing of the cells, thereby enhancing the muscle tone. Whey protein lowers the blood pressure and reduce heart attack. This is because, the ACE inhibitor Lactokinin present with the milk protein acts on the arterial walls, lowering the blood pressure and stroke. Studies say that, it also regulates the hormone insulin, monitoring the blood sugar levels to keep them at lower points.

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