Reviews On The Best Weight Benches

golds-gym-xrs-20-olympic-bench-4-300x266Weight benches of today are the marvels of engineering, as they maintain a visual appeal while pushing its limits of forms and materials. Get Fit At Home Club offers a compilation of the best weight benches from all the top brands. Find more information on working out at home from However, top three favorite weight benches are also given below.

Top 3 Favorite weight benches
He weight benches have been classified into three categories- Best in Class, Best Overall Value, and Most Affordable. Under these three categories, one best weight bench has been given to provide a better guide to the buyer.

Best Overall Value- Powerblock Adjustable Weight Bench
This Powerblock Adjustable Bench is a classic bench, which is compact in size. The design is also very thoughtful, as the seat back doesn’t cramp the arm. The bench can be moved fairly easily as it has built in wheels. This also comes with a 10-year warranty. This weight bench is comfortable to use, easily adjustable, solid, attractive and stable.

Best in Class- XMark XM-7630
The XMark XM 7630 is the best weight bench suggested for a home gym and is also a hands-down winner among the buyers as the best in class. It has a 1500 lbs carrying capacity, which means that one cannot push the limits of the bench. The saddle is firm and comfortable and it also provides 21 lifting positions. This also has a lifetime warranty on the built-in wheels and the frame, which makes this the best in class.

Most Affordable- Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench
Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench is probably the best among the most affordable weight benches. This is portable and it is suitable mostly for a workout novice. It also makes a nice addition to the gym or the garage, as it is easy to set up, well built and comfortable. This bench is suited better for larger people and it is also steady enough as the bottom is broad and plants firmly to the floor. These features make this product the best among the affordable weight benches.

Top Brands
XMark – XMark XM-76 30 Adjustable Weight Bench
XMark is one of the best brands that make bench weights, as it provides quality bench weights, the seats are of the duracraft upholstery. The simplest position is the vertical military press and there are much more provided by this product. Other features include the 11 gauge steel frame, position adjustable seat back and saddle.

Powerblock- Powerblock Adjustable Weight Bench
Powerblock was founded around 25 years ago and it began by making dumbbells. Since then, they have branched out in many different ways has and today are the manufacturers of one of the most adjustable weight benches. This bench is easy to assemble and relatively easy to use. This is one of the best benches suitable for a home gym. The features include 14 gauge steel and a 550 lb carrying capacity.

Marcy- Marcy Olympic Bench
This brand has been around for a long time and has gained reliability among the buyers. They are now well known for their high quality, affordable benches, and fitness gears. This Olympic bench has a nifty leg restraint system and fully adjustable back seat. It also has a 14 gauge steel.

The important things to look for while buying a bench weight are the size, portability, and affordability.

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